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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion plays a critical role in impactful organisations

Building a culture of inclusion is essential for social and environmental impact organisations. Not only do inclusive and diverse organisations reach their goals faster than their counterparts, but EDI is also key to positioning an organisation for long-term success. Our EDI services support you to implement authentic cultural transformation so you can build a positive brand reputation, attract and retain engaged employees, and maintain a competitive edge through better problem-solving, innovation and resilience to changing global dynamics, so you can achieve your world-changing vision, faster and more effectively.

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of job seekers consider diversity when looking at job options


of employees in inclusive organisations are engaged, compared to 60% in less inclusive organisation


increase in financial return from diverse teams

Our EDI Team

Grace Mansah-Owusu

Dr Grace Mansah-Owusu

Organisational Psychologist

Jenna Pilley

Jenna Pilley

Director of Leadership & Change

Kaemorine Predergast

Kaemorine Predergast

Associate, Leadership & Change

Myushka Naidu

Myushka Naidu

Organisational Psychologist

Veska Uzunova

Veska Uzunova

Associate, Leadership & Change

Bring Oxford HR’s in-depth experience of building inclusion to your organisation

Find out more about our EDI consultancy services below.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Audit

Start with a clear picture of where you’re at.

Through our comprehensive audit, we will:

  • Review your policies and procedures in light of current best practice
  • Assess your organisation’s understanding of EDI through interviews and focus groups
  • Identify strengths and areas of development

You’ll receive a detailed report outlining recommendations for updating your policies, building a robust EDI strategy, and communicating effectively to achieve buy-in throughout your organisation.

Workshops & Training

Build understanding across your organisation with standard and bespoke training packages from our experienced EDI consultants.

Standard training sessions include:

  • Introduction to EDI
  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Cultural Awareness


Get individual or group guidance for key stakeholders within your organisation to confidently navigate the process of creating robust EDI policies, programmes, and ways of working.

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Woman in wheelchair with two diverse male colleagues

By working with Oxford HR, you are partnering with an award-winning, global, diverse and multi-lingual team.

We are constantly learning and benefit every day from the strengths and knowledge of various team members – and we bring this insight into our projects. Certain groups are underrepresented in leadership roles – it is our responsibility to challenge that wherever we can. 

Our search process is completely transparent and ethical. Using a cloud-based CRM with bank-level security, we have an internal database of over 90,000 registered professionals and sources, allowing our clients to have live updates as we work. We always try to innovate, and, although we have proven tools and processes, we are always open to adapting what we do to best suit client needs, from using new technologies, to communication in unexpected media.

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