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Sustainability & ESG

Addressing environmental and social emergencies to create a more sustainable future requires collaboration, disruption and innovation.

Concerns over climate change, resource scarcity and diversity and equity coupled with increasing regulation and stakeholder awareness is resulting in a drive for companies and organisations to make sure they have the right capability in place to address the sustainability agenda. Our research has shown that with the right leadership in place companies can not only manage their risks but take advantage of new opportunities.​

We work with a wide range of organisations and companies to help create leaders and teams to drive the sustainability agenda forward now and for the future.

Having the right talent and teams in place to help organisations and companies navigate sustainability is critical. This may include addressing the energy transition and climate change, analysing green financing opportunities, creating sustainable supply chains or equitable ways of working.

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Caroline Falce Gozzi

Sustainability is a way to bullet proof your business for the future. By integrating the principles of sustainability into the foundations of your operations and ways of working you will be creating a resilient business for the long term.

Caroline Falce GozziESG Advisor
Corporate senior leader smiling while leading team meeting

Our work includes:

  • Identifying the right leaders for your organisation, e.g. Chief Sustainability Officers and Heads of ESG
  • Creating and transforming sustainability driven teams through securing senior sustainability/ESG hires and knowledge experts
  • Helping companies navigate governance and ownership of the sustainability agenda through board executive and non-executive representation
  • Helping green and climate technology focussed companies from the start-up phase to publicly listed create appropriate C-suite leadership teams
  • Working with local and global NGOs and research organisations driving the sustainability agenda forward

We can support you in your leadership and talent requirements across sustainability, ESG, climate change, resource management, corporate social responsibility, green financing and impact investing, the energy transition and climate technologies.

Our team consists of sustainability leaders and technical experts who have the knowledge and capability to help you find the right solutions to your sustainability needs.

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