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Co-leadership Appointments & Coaching

Bring the strengths of multiple leaders to a single role through a co-leadership appointment

Co-leadership appointments are gaining traction across social and environmental impact organisations. By appointing two leaders to jointly fill a leadership role, organisations benefit from stronger decision-making and greater diversity of thought in their leadership teams. An effective co-leadership partnership shapes an organisation’s culture by modelling collaboration and clear communication.

As an early pioneer of co-leadership appointments, Oxford HR is exceptionally placed to identify effective collaborations, assess and mitigate potential risks, and support organisations and newly appointed co-leaders through the transition to a new way of working.

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Full support for a positive transition to co-leadership

Successful co-leadership relies on close collaboration between the appointees and clear communication with the wider organisation, including staff and board members. And transitions to co-leadership aren’t without risk: a breakdown in cooperation can have significant repercussions on an organisation’s effectiveness.

As part of the search process, our in-house psychologists carefully assess potential co-leadership candidates to make sure they have the complementary skills and compatibility to work in close partnerships.

Following an appointment, successful candidates receive specialist coaching and onboarding support from our leadership & change team to ensure a smooth transition for the whole organisation.

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