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What was your role before joining Oxford HR? 

Before joining Oxford HR, I worked for a South Africa-based IT company within the Human Capital Management Department. I was part of the Assessments and Talent Management Business Unit and we operated as an external facing consultancy, assisting both private and public sector clients. My role focused on Assessments, Organisational Development and Business Development.

What do you feel you can bring to clients? 

An authentic approach to client service and bespoke solutions based on the principles of behavioural psychology. Each client has a unique requirement and to make a positive impact we truly need to understand their needs and tailor our approach accordingly. 

Why did you decide to join Oxford HR? 

Selecting a company to join should be a careful decision; your team becomes your work family and so you should pick carefully. I looked for the right leader, the right role and the right environment. Every engagement with David Cook and Oxford HR was a positive experience and I got a sense of authenticity and a culture centred around uplifting people. I knew it was the right fit. As the weeks go by I thank myself for following my “gut feeling.” In addition to this, I have an interest and passion for leadership development and believe my experience to date will help to make a positive impact. 

What issues keep you awake at night? 

I have always been quite close with my family; I am hopeful that they will relocate from South Africa and join us in the UK. 

What are the qualities you’d find in a great leader? 

Authentic, empowering, supportive and commercially minded. A good leader should know that one size does not fit all and should adapt their approach depending on the needs of the team and the individual. I look for a leader that has a clear direction and a good sense of business but is collaborative and congenial in their style. 

What book have you read most recently?  

I am reading two books. The first is Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel and the second is the Culture Map: Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures by Erin Meyer. I quite enjoy history and so what I read normally has something to do with that. 

Who would be your dream client?  

My favourite clients are the ones that are passionate about investing in their people. It is one thing to recruit a talented individual, but you need to equip them for success. Your staff are your greatest asset. 

With an interest in organisational development and a passion for people, Jenna has committed herself to guiding businesses in the attraction and development of top talent. Having studied Organisational Psychology at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, she further specialised in the use of Psychometric Assessments and is accredited on several tools. She is currently a Health Professions Council of South Africa Registered Psychometrist with 10 years of relevant experience.

Jenna has a background in working with multicultural organisations in South Africa, Africa, and Europe and has had extensive consulting experience with both private and public sector companies. Through the use of psychology-based talent management initiatives, she is driven to support organisations in identifying and growing their talent, particularly at an executive level.