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The Client

TradeMark Africa (TMA) is an Aid-for-Trade organisation, established in 2010, with the aim of growing prosperity through increased trade. TMA works closely with regional intergovernmental organisations to leverage their expertise in trade facilitation, in addition to support African exporters to pioneer low carbon trade, address the core trade factors behind food security and promote inclusive trade.

Key Objectives

TradeMark Africa was seeking a dynamic and visionary individual with ICT innovation expertise, strategic leadership experience, professional networks and regional influence to join their Board as a Non-Executive Director. The TMA Board overseas the strategic, policy and direction of the organisation to facilitate the achievement of its mission and impact.


  • Executive Search
  • Board & Advisory
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The role required an understanding and commitment to TMA’s vision and mission, and to keeping up with key issues that might affect the organisation. This individual would regularly engage with donors and participate in key strategic events, in addition to supporting the Chair of the Board and collaborating with the TMA Council, National Oversight Committees and The Programme Coordinating Committee of EAC.

Ideally, this person would have expertise in technology and innovation in Africa, and knowledge applicable to automation of key trade processes and systems. They would have a minimum of ten years’ of management experience, strategy formulation experience and excellent leadership and management skills. Oxford HR appointed Lola Aworanti-Ekugo into the role, as the first West African on the Board.

When asked what attracted her to TradeMark Africa, Lola noted:

TMA is a remarkable trade organization dedicated to mitigating the over-reliance on imports, fostering a sustainable infra-African market, and advancing the vision of a unified One Africa Market. The organization's impressive track record and significant impact in the East African region immediately caught my attention and fuelled my interest in joining their cause.

Lola Aworanti-EkugoNon-Executive Director, TradeMark Africa

Lola is a seasoned digital and innovation expert with over 17 years of global industry experience. She has a proven track record in steering organisations toward an innovative and sustainable future across a diverse range of industries and holds a Bachelors degree with First Class Honours from Middlesex University, and an MBA from Imperial College Business School. Lola was also awarded the

Woman in ICT Award at the Women Tech Global Awards in 2022 and she serves as a mentor for women in business.

As the first West African member of the Board, Lola is excited to collaborate with the other members of the leadership team, in particular, in the execution of TMA’s ambitious Strategy 3. This strategy holds the key to TMA’s continued success and impact as it focuses on vital aspects that will further bolster trade efficiency and inclusivity, while embracing greener and more digital trade initiatives throughout Africa.

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TMA's expansion to the rest of Africa represents a significant opportunity for the organization to continue its impactful journey towards greater economic prosperity on the continent. Together, we will shape a more prosperous, sustainable, and interconnected future for the continent we proudly serve.

Lola Aworanti-EkugoNon-Executive Director, TradeMark Africa
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On her experience with Oxford HR, Lola was impressed with the teams’ commitment to delivering a seamless and comprehensive experience throughout. She explains that

‘I found Oxford HR’s team to be highly professional, always ready to address any questions or concerns promptly. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been engaged by them and look forward to the impactful contributions we will make together in the future.’

“I am thrilled to be a part of TMA and contribute to their noble mission of building a stronger and more prosperous Africa for all.”

Lola Aworanti-EkugoNon-Executive Director, TradeMark Africa