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The Client

World Animal Protection is a global organisation, working to protect animals from needless suppering. They work on both the frontlines and with large corporations to fight to create better lives for all animals, with a vision of a world without animal cruelty. 

Key Objectives

World Animal Protection retained Oxford HR to appoint the role of Global Development Director. 


  • Executive Search
Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer was placed by Oxford HR as World Animal Protection’s Global Development Director, a role focused on “the sustainability of our planet: how we respect and live alongside animals, wild and domesticated, in a way that is true to their nature as sentient and independent beings with their own needs and dignity, while acknowledging the challenges of human population growth, urbanisation, economic development, food security and safety.”

Michael says the team at World Animal Protection is incredibly motivated by their mission, and that they are preparing for an ambitious ten-year strategy. He notes:

“I enjoy working with my immediate senior team colleagues and am privileged to work with an excellent management team in my area who are all ready to engage with challenges and celebration of success alike.”

I knew of and was impressed by one of the major campaigns of the organisation on marine animals, without initially realising that it was run by World Animal Protection. When I was made aware of the opportunity to work for World Animal Protection this connection sparked my interest. I discovered more about the organisation and as I have a great interest in social movements and the role organisations can play in them to achieve global change I wanted to know more.

Michael HammerGlobal Development Director, World Animal Protection
Turtle walking across beach

Kevin Geeson worked with Oxford HR as World Animal Protection’s former Chief Operating Officer during Michael’s placement. He explains that:

“We wouldn’t have found Michael without Oxford HR”

and applauds Oxford HR’s persistence in “finding the right person”, a view shared by Michael.

Oxford HR has been an evidently impartial but good accompanying support through the process, exploring the challenges of the potential new role, helping with the logistics of the different stages of the interview process, and the final stages during appointment. I look positively into the future for World Animal Protection, our mission, and the way we work together.

Michael HammerGlobal Development Director, World Animal Protection