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The Client

GOAL was founded in 1977 and has since responded to nearly all of the world’s major humanitarian crises, helping the most vulnerable across 60 countries. With the aim of empowering communities to develop resilience and greater control over their lives, GOAL aims to increase the wellbeing of the world’s poorest people, particularly those who are excluded or marginalized.

Key Objectives

Oxford HR worked with GOAL in the search for their Director of International Programmes, a key role in the leadership team.


  • Executive Search
GOAL Staff distributing aid

Amongst a shortlist of excellent candidates that applied, in the end it was Joanna Reid who was offered the post; an experienced development professional and international senior civil servant, with a track record in influencing and implementing policy and development outcomes. When asked what she feels she will bring to the role and organisation, Joanna says

I had worked as a civil servant – as a donor – for many years, and I felt it was time to ‘cross over’ to the other side and work on implementation. I hope to bring a different – perhaps strategic – perspective to the organisation but also provide strong leadership grounded in knowledge of the political as well as practical international context.

It felt very personal and even when I was being coached or grilled, it was so gentle I hardly noticed!

Joanna ReidDirector of International Programmes, GOAL
Joanna Reid

Both client and candidate were pleased with the support they received from Oxford HR during the process, especially due to the remote nature of the assignment in the period of global lockdown.

With regards to the year ahead, Joanna notes that GOAL is looking forward to developing the next phase of their strategy, especially when it comes to what it means to work in a COVID-19 world and how to operationalise the localization agenda. She also mentions

it was a challenging time to join an NGO, with significant concerns about the global funding environment.

Now, six months into the new role, Joanna says she understands the challenges and can focus effort. She tells us that Director of Programmes is an exciting role with a great set of colleagues and that there is great opportunity for internal change, as well as effecting change in the communities where GOAL works. Joanna’s excited for a future where she can meet colleagues face-to-face and travel to visit their excellent programmes in the field.

In development, we all hope we can make a difference.