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The Client

St Christopher’s Fellowship is a charity that has been providing care and support to children and young people since 1870.

Key Objectives

Following the retirement of their previous CEO, Oxford HR worked together with St Christopher’s to find an inspiring individual who, working with the Chair and Trustees, could lead the charity in delivering its new strategy.


  • Executive Search
Jonathan smiling

Jonathan Whalley, appointed CEO, was interested in the organisation as he felt his values chimed well with St Christopher’s.  He is passionate about helping the vulnerable and children and, in particular, could bring his expertise and experience with local authorities and the third sector.  Hanif Barma, St Christopher’s Chair of Trustees, led the recruitment process and was impressed by Jonathan’s drive and achievements.  He felt they were on the same wave length.  “Before I’d ask him a question, he was already talking about that subject!”.  Hanif felt that Jonathan was a standout candidate. 

Jonathan’s aim is to deliver the 5 years’ strategy “Brighter futures for double the number of young people by 2023”, by looking at the operating delivery model, the organisation’s needs and making sure the right people are in the right place and doing the right things.  He enjoys the role “it’s fantastic! – the organisation is driven by our values… [we] have passionate and talented people with desire to achieve the strategy”.  Hanif feels that everything Jonathan has done so far has been well received which confirms his view that Jonathan was the right choice for the role.  

When asked about the process with Oxford HR, Jonathan smiled and said “there were no stupid questions”. 

He found the Oxford HR recruitment process incredibly supportive, welcoming, and encouraging throughout and beyond the process. 

Hanif particularly appreciated Oxford HR’s collaborative and flexible style.

These are exciting and challenging times for the organisation and Jonathan will bring an innovative approach, focus on our values and raise St Christopher’s profile externally.

Hanif BarmaChair of Trustees, St Christopher’s