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The Client

Bonsucro are a leading global sustainability platform and offer standards for sugar cane production. Bonsucro’s purpose is to collectively accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugar cane around the world. They are a global membership organisation that promotes sustainable sugar cane production, processing and trade around the world.  The organisation has over 280 global members from over 50 countries to address critical challenges in the sector whilst driving performance and impact through sustainability standards.  

Key Objectives

Oxford HR supported Bonsucro with the recruitment of three senior team members and used a profiling tool to aid the recruitment. It was decided to also profile the two existing senior team members. The individual assessments were then analysed to understand the teams’ dynamics. By looking at the outcomes for individuals and the whole team, it allowed Bonsucro to tie this into the organisational values piece and use the outcomes of the group assessment work to find out which skills and areas they wanted to focus on.


  • Leadership & Change
  • Executive Search
Hand holding onto sugarcane

A team profiling exercise based on the Hogan assessments was completed. This profiling was done to identify team strengths and their areas of focus. It was found that the team had great strengths in creativity, innovation, relationship management and this was built into the values revamp exercise Bonsucro were undertaking at the time.  

The work Bonsucro completed with Oxford HR has led to seeking a 360 degree review and coaching for some senior team members. The psychometric assessments were also useful as Karen was able to observe team members and to coach and prompt them to focus that the Hogan psychometric assessment highlighted. Using the services offered by Oxford HR’s Leadership & Change team was a great way to launch getting to learn about the newly formed team as well as using the outcomes to do a long range planning and Leadership & Change. The next steps are to do more sessions with the senior leadership team to check in and monitor changes. 

With a shared passion for investing in and setting the new Leadership Team up for success, we were able to partner with Bonsucro and use the information already obtained in the recruitment process to provide guidance in the early stages of their team formation. The process was well received by all, but it's impact was greatly increased by Karen who ensured that the learnings were carried through to other pieces of ongoing work.

Jenna PilleyHead of Leadership & Change, Oxford HR