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Leadership, talent, and recruitment services such as executive search, succession planning, talent mapping and psychometric assessment can play an important role in the success of purpose-driven organisations such as international development agencies, nonprofits, and actors in the philanthropic and donor space. Due to time and budget constraints, recruitment, especially failed recruitment cycles, can severely hinder organisations operating in the sector. Read on to learn more about how our services can help drive organisational effectiveness and advance the missions of our partners, creating positive social impact worldwide.

1. Unique Skill Sets

International Development organisations often require leaders with a unique blend of skills, including deep knowledge of global development issues, cross-cultural competency, and strategic leadership abilities. We specialise in identifying and attracting top-tier leaders with the requisite skills and experience for such roles, in addition to holding nearly 100,000 impact-driven professionals in our database.

2. Global Networks

We have extensive networks and resources across the globe, allowing us to cast a wide net when searching for candidates, ensuring that the organisations we work with have access to a diverse pool of talent from various geographical locations and backgrounds. More than ever, we understand the importance of our clients having a leadership team that reflects the communities they serve, and our global reach and reputation allows us to connect with exceptional individuals in the international development and NGO sector.

3. Organisational Understanding

Our team of consultants have a unique understanding of the organisational challenges and internal dynamics of international development organisations, having worked in such roles in their working lives. This gives us unparalleled understanding and insights into leadership needs and the ability to identify candidates who are aligned with our clients’ mission and values.

4. Streamlined Processes

Recruiting C-Suite and Senior level positions for multilateral development organisations can be complex and time-consuming. Oxford HR’s robust methodology allows for a streamlined process by managing applications and interviews, allowing organisations to focus on their core responsibilities.

5. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Working closely with our Leadership & Change team, we embed EDI principles into our search process, from removing bias in job description terminology, to ensuring that underrepresented groups are promoted in our selection process. This ensures that candidates are assessed based on their skills, experience, and fit with the organisation’s requirements, promoting diversity and inclusion in leadership roles.

6. Confidentially and Discretion

We understand the importance of confidentiality, especially when recruiting for senior leadership positions. We can conduct searches discreetly, minimising the risk of internal disruption or external speculation during the recruitment process. We also specialise in identifying ‘passive’ candidates, those who are not actively seeking a new role but that may be interested in targeted opportunities that match their expertise and skillset.