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Why did you join Reall? What do you hope to achieve in your role and how will your background support you in meeting these goals?

Reall offers me the opportunity to return to my social development roots. I would like to further develop the internal processes and the quality of housing units, so people can have a place to call home.

My experience in housing began in Latin America in slum upgrading programs. My role on the projects consisted of overseeing and following up infrastructure and housing works to deliver a final result in time, while guaranteeing high standard quality. At the core of what I was doing, I found real people, with real needs. It was rewarding to see palpable changes in peoples’ lives and to be part of that process.

To be part of Reall was something that I aspired to for a long time. So, I applied for a Project Manager position almost immediately after I arrived in the UK. I reached the final stages but was not successful in the end; I realise now I was not ready at that moment for the position.

What did you value about working with Oxford HR during the process?

Oxford HR saw my potential and fed my perseverance. A year after, I applied again and succeeded.

Throughout the process of applying, both times, Oxford HR provided me insightful advice that was invaluable. It was not just about getting a position, I learned about myself in this new stage of my life and how to adapt my skills into a new context.

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