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Oxford HR is perfectly placed to connect the best global interims with the right organisations, in a short a time frame as possible. We have the expertise, connections and resources to facilitate this service, at the professional level you would always expect from Oxford HR.

Growth or change within any organisation can cause significant turbulence, which is why it’s key to have the right people on board. They must ensure they have the adequate talent needed to steer the team and sustain the business and interim managers can play a key role during times of transition and change. Independent, expert and highly skilled, they can help move an organisation through a turbulent period after the loss of a key staff member, help shift them in their strategic direction or indeed help turnaround failing organisations. Being at arms-length, interims are often better placed to challenge the received wisdom, work without an agenda and deliver the change or support required at that time.

Oxford HR maintaina register of individuals with strong skill sets and expertise across the global development sector. These individuals are vetted by us for their track record, academic credentials and most importantly their impact on the ground, to ensure they can work quickly and effectively with youorganisation to deliver the results you need. You can find out more about our interim service and download our brochure here.
If you are looking to become an interim senior leader, our interims are highly skilled, senior leaders in their own right, ideally from the international development sector. If your skills and experience match the types of roles we can fit you with, then one of our consultants will be in touch for an initial online interview. If successfully added to our database, you will be appointed an Account Manager who will keep in touch with you regarding relevant opportunities and general updates. We really value our interims and the skills they bring to our clients and ensure that we support you throughout the Oxford HR interim hiring process. For more information on being an Oxford HR interim, please click here.