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What was your role before joining Oxford HR?

Before joining Oxford HR, I served as a Senior HR Consultant, specializing in talent acquisition and offering various HR consultancy services to clients. Previously, I held the position of Head of People for an e-commerce company in Lome, Togo. With over a decade of experience, I’ve worked across diverse HR roles.

What do you feel you can bring to clients?

I bring professionalism and unwavering commitment to meeting clients’ needs. With over six years in consultancy, I excel in identifying problems and offering tailored solutions. My focus is on ensuring exceptional client experiences throughout the process.

What issue/s keep you awake at night?

I’m deeply concerned about Africa’s challenge in harnessing its abundant resources to collectively uplift its people’s lives.

What qualities would you find in a great leader?

A great leader is someone who effectively communicates their vision and inspires others to strive for excellence in achieving that vision.

What book have you read most recently?

Recently, I read “The Flight of the Buffalo” by James Belasco and Ralph Stayer. It emphasizes empowering teams to make informed decisions for organizational improvement, drawing parallels between buffalo and geese leadership styles.

Who would be your dream client?

My dream client is one that prioritizes employee empowerment, coaching, and development within its organizational culture.

Favourite Quote

“Each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity.” By Marie Curie

Philip is a highly accomplished HR professional with a diverse background spanning various industries. Holding a Higher Diploma in HRM and a degree in International Business Administration, he is also a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM). Philip excels in relationship management, networking, and end-to-end recruitment processes, showcasing a proven track record in successfully recruiting for senior positions across Africa. As a strategic HR leader, he has established HR departments, implemented effective strategies aligned with business goals, and demonstrated expertise in talent acquisition, employee relations, and organizational development.

In his leisure time, Philip enjoys a game of pool, values family time, and maintains a commitment to regular exercise.