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Sobhi Khatib

Associate Principal Consultant, Europe

Sobhi Khatib

Sobhi brings almost two decades of experience across the private sector, public sector, academic and NGO sectors. He has held various positions and served in over 70 organizations. The focus of his work has been diversity & inclusion, strategy & innovation, storytelling & communications.

In addition to his role at Oxford HR, Sobhi is a Senior Lecturer-Researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. There, he gives Diversity and Inclusion courses and workshops for diversity officers and hiring managers. In addition, he also manages a program at the Digital Society School about the intersection of systematic change, technology and public values.

Sobhi’s volunteering activities include being a Regional Specialist for Het Actiefond, a Dutch organization which gives funding to activists. He is also on the board of directors at Hoop, a theatre of oppressed organization and the chairman of the Dutch branch for 7amleh, a Palestinian based organization focused on digital rights in Palestine and the MENA region. He is also chairman for The Hummus Academy, a think-tank about decolonising indigenous cuisines.

As to his educational background Sobhi holds a B.Sc in Psychology from Derby University (UK) and M.A in Human Rights & Conflict Management from Sant’Anna University (Italy). His theses discuss gender, media representation and power structures.

They say "It takes a village to raise a child". And I would add on that: it takes purpose-led organisations for the village and the child to survive and thrive.

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We are fully committed to our work on gender and diversity, so if you’re from an under-represented group we are particularly keen to hear from you.

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