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Lisanne Mwanza

Consultant, Europe

Lisanne Mwanza

Since joining Oxford HR 2018, Lisanne has worked with inspiring organisations across a range of sector specialisms such as conservation, sustainable housing, conflict resolution, security and justice, agribusiness, climate finance, and many more. In August 2021 she joined the Environment, Climate and Conservation practice as a consultant, giving her the opportunity to align her personal values of sustainable and climate-conscious living in the workplace, partnering with clients who are passionate about long-term positive impact on our planet and those who inhabit it. Previously Lisanne worked within the Security Sector in Stockholm, and holds an MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development.

I love how Oxford HR is such a supportive and caring community, the emphasis on value and growth means we can authentically work with clients and candidates.

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We are fully committed to our work on gender and diversity, so if you’re from an under-represented group we are particularly keen to hear from you.

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