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1. Ensuring gender equality in our longlists

We aim to include 50% female candidates in all of our longlists, and our researchers take care during the search process to reach out to qualified female candidates. We are sure to check the text in our candidate packs for biases such as the inclusion of masculine words, and also ensure that our imagery has no gender bias.

2. Providing support to underrepresented female candidates

Our Consultants spend time speaking with all of our candidates prior to interview, and are especially sure to provide further support to female candidates on interview techniques or on their CVs, including how best to present their strengths.

3. Partnering with organisations working to promote female leadership

Oxford HR are proud of our partnership with WILD, a global network of female leaders working in development with an emphasis on leadership skills. Find out more about WILD here.

4. Empowering women within our own organisation

50% of our senior management team are women, and women make up 67% of our organisation. All of our staff have tailored personal development plans with relevant training opportunities in areas best placed to support their career progression, and we have an updated Breastfeeding policy to support our colleagues returning to work post-maternity leave.

5. Running events and publishing thought leadership

We are passionate about knowledge sharing, especially when it comes to gender equality and female leadership. Our thought leadership articles regularly explore these topics, and you can watch our Knowledge Festival session on Women in leadership here.