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The Client

The International Water Management Institute is a non-profit, scientific research organization focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in developing countries. As global economic output continues to expand, consumption of water and natural resources grows relentlessly. The planets future well-being hinges on transformation, which will take the combined efforts of governments, civil society, the private sector and the research community, of which IWMI forms an important part.

Key Objectives

When tasked with finding a Corporate Services Director for IWMI, Oxford HR were briefed to find someone who was capable of leading a change management initiative. The organisation has recently implemented its 2019-2024 strategy and this role is crucial to creating the changes required to achieve the ambitions of this strategy.


  • Executive Search
Syon Niyogi

After kicking off the search process, Oxford HR got in touch with Syon Niyogi, who had been with his organisation for 18 years and wasn’t initially looking for a new role. As such, Syon states

‘I needed a lot of confidence and assurance and Oxford HR helped me through this process. IWMI provided me the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge that I had developed….and working for an organisation which has a mission I can identify with myself was extremely important’.

Since Syon has taken on the role, he has found it:

‘interesting and fulfilling, even more than I had initially imagined. There has been a lot of learning and understanding the development world through a different lens’.

Water is key for future sustainable development. It has been written into all the SDG’s. IWMI is the only organisation of its kind and Global Water research with presence in multiple countries is IWMI’s strength and uniqueness. So the future is full of prospect and the challenge for IWMI is to channel growth in areas which will have the maximum effect on human development.

Syon NiyogiCorporate Services Director, International Water Management Institute