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The Client

Oikocredit is a social impact investor and worldwide cooperative with over 40 years of experience promoting sustainable development through investments. Their investment focus is on financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy. Oikocredit’s ethos is that they are guided by empowering low-income people to improve their livelihoods and they work with partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to provide loans, equity investments and capacity building. Oikocredit was founded in 1975 and from the start, the goal of the organisation was to promote social justice by providing credit to productive enterprises.

Key Objectives

Oxford HR worked with Oikocredit in 2022 as they were looking for an agency to help with the assessment of directors and were interested in the use of psychometric assessments. The organisation and the Director of People and Development already respected and liked the Hogan assessment. “The Hogan is more about getting to know someone better and to understand what a person might bring” says Wilma Straatman, Director of People and Development.


  • Leadership & Change
Sunsetting as farm worker cultivates crops in field

Oikocredit had a change of senior leadership structure and had a managing board which reduced in size from 6-4 people and then added more people within the senior leadership team. For this newly formed, highly capable and very competent team, Oxford HR was called to conduct psychometric assessments. Hogan psychometric assessments were decided upon to understand individuals better in order to gain a clearer picture of their strengths and development areas. The group and assessments were used find out what areas the whole team needed to focus on to be aware of any skills gaps. Additionally, for one specific assessment, the Hogan group report was helpful to draw out levels of experience, develop a base line assessment and take stock.

Oikocredit also then used this information to provide feedback to individuals in the SLT. The skills that were uncovered from the assessment and development areas were shared amongst the team; the session was originally planned for two hours but it ended up being a four- hour session. The session laid a good foundation for development and what people need to do to go forward.

Oxford HR's support was valuable as the assessments and feedback from psychologist gives people the ability to understand and question what things mean, to get ideas, opinions and impressions combined with objective and valuable information.