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The Client

NLR has over 50 years of shared history in the fight against leprosy and the promotion of inclusion. NLR Indonesia has been at the forefront of the innovations that have been piloted. NLR International is headquartered in the Netherlands and is working globally through various NLR Alliance members with governments, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and Disabled People’s Organizations promoting access and quality of services through training, expert advice, research, and innovation.

Key Objectives

NLR needed an Executive Director to lead the fight for zero leprosy and help NLR transition into a Yayasan, local NGO. Included in the person specification for the Executive Director was significant experience in programme development and a Masters degree in Medicine, Public Health or Social Development. It was also imperative that this individual held Indonesian nationality.


  • Executive Search
NLR worker preparing someone for injection

Oxford HR successfully submitted a longlist of 14 qualified candidates, of which 36% were female. The appointed candidate had good networks with the Ministry of Health and experience in fundraising from the government, traditional donors and from the CSR departments of private sector organisations. This candidate was Asken Sinaga.

Asken was aware of the crucial work being carried out by NLR due to early talks with the team in Jakarta and was shocked to learn that Indonesia was the third most affected country by the disease, after India and Brazil. He explains that this fact was strange to him as he had been working in the development sector in Indonesia for a long time, but this soon turned to motivation to act on the issue. He’s delighted to have taken on the role, with a passion for the vision and aims of NLR, saying that they are closely aligned to his personal values.

One of the things important to Asken was collaborating with the wider team to increase public awareness of leprosy in Indonesia. Looking forward, NLR wants to focus on the transition from an international entity to national one, whilst ensuring the implementation of existing programs. They aim to build strong foundations to become a sustainable and independent organisation while maintaining and contributing to the global NLR alliance and partnership. Asken is incredibly positive about the team and believes that through their passion for the mission, they will grow as an alliance and as individuals.

As for Oxford HR’s involvement in the process, he is very impressed.

Asken notes that the Oxford HR team were excellent; diligent and professional, with clear communication and understanding of NLR.

Asken Sinaga